The international charitable foundation «Razam z Belarus» («Together with Belarus») was created to provide assistance to all citizens of Belarus who have suffered from violence.

Our foundation was created as a partnership of European firms and public organizations from Germany, Latvia and Estonia. The executive director of the foundation is Vladimir Papkov, an entrepreneur and public figure from Hamburg. Public control over the activities of the foundation is carried out by the foundation’s board of trustees, headed by politicians from Belarus Sergei Skrebets and Viktor Tereshchenko. Everything that the authorities in Belarus are doing now has turned into a terror regime. People are kidnapped on the streets and from their homes, they are publicly executed demonstratively for alleged crimes, without being given a fair trial.

Terrorists and punishers, beating and killing people, show everyone what awaits them if the protests continue. “Now Belarus is a big international world example,” said the first head of independent Lithuania, Professor Vytautas Landsbergis.  

We appeal for help to all people of goodwill with a request to support our struggle for the ideals of peace and justice. Now it is necessary to collect 140,000 US dollars for operational assistance of political prisoners.

You can support our foundation by transferring donations according to the details:

VšĮ International solidarity foundation «Razam z Belarus».

Vilniaus g. 100B-45, Ukmergė, Lietuvos Respublika.
Bank account: LT883500010007674641.
Banko pavadinimas Paysera LT, UAB. Banko kodas 35000.
SWIFT EVIULT2VXXX. Banko adresas Pilaitės pr. 16, Vilnius, LT-04352, Lietuva.

All foundations will be directed by the foundation for legal, medical and social support of political prisoners and their families, as well as victims of violence and abductions, people who expressed their civic position, repressed journalists.


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